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Beata Standard Poodles

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At Beata Kennels we breed fine quality AKC registered standard poodles both pet and show quality. Our poodles are bred for intelligence, temperament, health, beauty and conformation.  

We plan our breedings carefully, breeding only good quality, good tempered dogs who have been tested clear of genetic problems. 

Health is of the utmost importance. Inoculations, genetic testing, and vet checks are kept up to date. Every puppy bred and placed by us goes with our statement of policy guaranteeing excellent health.

All pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration. Occasionally breeding and show puppies are available.

Be sure to visit our other pages for pictures and pedigrees of our beautiful boys and girls. We ship throughout the US to approved homes. Contact us today to reserve a beautiful standard poodle puppy from our next litter.

We are located near Atlanta, Georgia

Contact us for more information. 

Beata Standard Poodles

Louise Tucker

Snellville, Georgia

Phone: 770-972-8515,  770-771-1681
e-mail: loutuck@bellsouth.net







A healthy Standard Poodle may live as long as 14 years  you are not just buying a cute puppy, you are buying a dog for LIFE. The following information is provided to help you make a decision about bringing a Standard Poodle into your life.  
There are many reputable Standard Poodle breeders. We encourage you to talk to a number of them and be sure you feel comfortable with whomever you choose.   Please start your search early  as the breeder of your choice may not be breeding quite yet and probably has a waiting list.  You may have to wait awhile.   Most breeders, myself included, love to get pictures and letters from puppy owners letting them know how the poodle is doing.
Non-shedding  Standard Poodles do not shed and for some people it is an important consideration to have a house dog that does not leave a trail of hair behind.
Non-Allergenic  For many allergy sufferers the poodle is an ideal pet as their coat quality is such that it does not irritate those who may suffer from allergies. 
Grooming  Because they don't shed Standard Poodles do need regular grooming.   This includes brushing, bathing and clipping. Your Standard Poodle should get brushed and combed at least  once a week. While bathing is not too difficult, drying and clipping is often a problem.  To properly dry your dog you should have a good dog dryer (your hand held human hair dryer is not usually sufficient).  It is difficult to get a nice smooth finish on the coat without a good clipper with proper blades and the knowledge of how to use them.  A professional dog groomer should be utilized at least every 5/6 weeks or be prepared to spend some money on grooming equipment and lessons.
Intelligence  Standard Poodles are among the most intelligent of breeds.   They learn very quickly.  Most Standard Poodles also have a good sense of fun. They tend to be quite sensitive to their owners moods and will adapt their approach accordingly. Although their intelligence makes them easy to train, it will also challenge you to keep a step ahead of them.   They  require more intellectual challenges to keep them from inventing their own diversions.  
Versatile  Standard Poodles can perform a variety of activities.  They can sit with you  while you watch TV or they can hike with you if that is your preference.   Poodles are said to have originated in Germany, and were used extensively throughout Europe for retrieving game, especially in the water.   Their protective attitude also appeals to many people. Breeders believe larger poodles, and especially the standard, are suited to families with children.
A Standard Poodle is not recommended for those who are not able to provide companionship for their dog.  This is not a breed that you can put out in a run in the back yard and ignore.  They are very people oriented and need to spend a significant amount of time with their people.  If you cannot make a commitment to give time to your Standard Poodle then this may not be an appropriate choice for you.
Size  The Standard Poodle is preferred by those who want a more substantial dog.  Their size does give them a somewhat different temperament from the toy and miniature poodles.
Color  The Standard Poodle comes in most of the same colors as the other sizes of poodles. Black and cream are the most common but apricot, brown, silver, blue, cafe-au-lait can also be found. 


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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our standard poodles. Please get in touch at loutuck@bellsouth.net with any comments or reactions!

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